Edinburgh Fringe – Part 2

I've been in Edinburgh since August 26. #ORIGIN In an hour, we will be giving our final performance at the Fringe. Since we began tech rehearsal and running the show, things have gotten more hectic. The venue is a 25 minute walk from our dormitory. There are a few halls in the venue, and actually [...]

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Edinburgh Fringe – Part 1

I've been in Edinburgh for a six days now. I'm staying in student housing, part of the University of Edinburgh. There is a laundry station and a student gym close by. Our LSU performance group has taken up 3 flats of the dormitory. As it should be, we hangout in the cooking area, cooking, eating, [...]

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Europe Trip – day 3/4

We arrived in Paris and tried to buy a direct flight Vienna or Linz, but we're unable to do so. So went ahead with trying to get to Prague as we originally planned. After leaving the arrival gate, we had to pass through a new set of security at concourse D. All the monitors had [...]

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Europe Trip – Day 2

Day 2: Atlanta, Paris, Prague, Munich(?) After spending the night in a hotel in downtown Atlanta, Corey and I returned to the airport at noon to make our 3:15pm flight. Earlier that morning, Corey woke and found his itinerary completely empty on the Delta website and spent most of the morning, again, on the phone. [...]

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Europe Trip – Day 1

I wish I could be writing this post as I soar through over the Atlantic Ocean en route to Milan, a short stop away from Prague. But unfortunately, I'm in a hotel room in downtown Atlanta watching the Heat demolish the Thunder for the NBA championship. A few things went wrong today. Most of them [...]

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Last day in Providence

I turned on the television as I was eating breakfast this morning and one of favorites, the Departed, was on. I had been listening to a Providence accent all week and I might thought, when I first arrived, that their accents (Providence and Boston) were pretty much identical. They're definitely not. I had been listening [...]

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Providence, Rhode Island Visit

I've spent the week in Providence, Rhode Island for the Pixilerations Festival. The experience as a whole has been great, exciting, and as always, a huge learning experience. Social Structure [ Construction no. 1] had the huge privilege of getting the largest space in brand new Granoff Center at Brown University. It was up as [...]

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Washington DC day 1

I flew into DC at Midnight:30. My sister picked me up in her pajamas. I’d come to visit her and see DC. My parents had taken the family to the Smithsonians and monuments when we were in elementary. I remember running up down the hill of the Washington Monument with my siblings while my dad [...]

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I've been in Chicago a couple days now. It's Spring Break and I have a sore throat. My sisters flew in yesterday and they cleaned my brother's apartment. So far we've seen the Chicago Symphony Art Institute of Chicago, Ikea, and several Chinatown restaurants. So far the weather has been pretty moderate. Not cold or [...]

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