Examples of Student Work

Hands of Time – 2017 International EuroHaptics Ultrahaptics Student Competition First Place

A hand therapy rhythm game using mid-air detection (LeapMotion/Ultramotion) and haptics (Ultrahaptics ultrasonic array). International student competition winner.

Students: Luke Lamberg, Nicole Nelson, Brandon Hanabarger

Program/Tools: Unity3D, UltraHaptics, LeapMotion.

Heart of Sorrow is a 2D platformer where you play as a lonely heart traveling through the lands of sorrow. The game tells an allegorical story about overcoming despair. It dabbles with darker tones but is overall a light-hearted game. UWW 2019 MAGD Expo it won an award for “most polished.”

Student: Andrew Mason

Tools/Program: Unity3D

Build: PC [link]


A local played one on one fighting game. Smush requires the two users to fight each other on a stage of their choosing, using either keyboard or controller inputs. Both players are given the ability to use a ranged attack, melee attack, jump and dodge. Using the melee attack can slowly lower the opponents health and once they are at zero heath, you can use your ranged attack to then launch them soaring off the stage.

Students: Wesley McWhorter, Leah Blasczyk, Sydney Myers, and Sawyer Novara

Builds: PC, Mac

Link: https://wesmcw.itch.io

Project: Tunnel

A time trial puzzle runner for PC, Mac, and Android

Course: MAGD 488 – Team Projects


Jake Klein – Concept Designer / Lead Developer
Daniel Carmichael – 3D Modeler / Icon Designer
Alec Gotlib – Trap Designer / Developer
Bailey Moberly – Documentation / Developer
Sam Klein – Soundtrack Composer

Tools/Program: Unity3D

Builds: PC, Mac, Android [https://jaklein25.wixsite.com/mysite]

Course: MAGD 271 – Interactive Communication

Programs/Tools: MaxMSP, MakeyMakey, Laser Cutter

Students program interactive communcation applications, and they design and fabricate unique controllers for those applications.

Course: Independant Study – Digital Fabrication

Student: Bree Unger

Program/Tools/Materials: Adobe Illustrator, Laser Cutter, Wood, Acrylic

Course: Independant Study – Board Game Development

Student: Brandon Hanabarger

Program/Tools/Materials: Adobe Illustrator, Laser Cutter, Wood, Acrylic