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Eyes to see

I was walking by LSU stadium to my car after and just thinking about how I hate staring at a screen all day. Laptop screen, iPhone screen, ipad screen, etc. It wears on the eyes. And then I passed this large bush with some flowering something's. I've heard that looking at green things helps your [...]

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Yes, that’s me.

Last week, as I was having breakfast-for-lunch at Louie's, the waitress, whom I have seen around Baton Rouge, told me she had "seen a video on Youtube with the song that's playing right now (in Louie's) where you shove a bunch of grapes in your mouth". The song was 'Heartbeats' by the Knife. And the [...]

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yeah right – art!

Now that everyone's living more virtually than ever and augmenting reality (and augmenting virtual reality), I've decided to jump on this ridiculous band wagon. I've created with pieces of beautiful and unique visual art. You might say they are very similar to someone's else (or similar to each other), but if you look very carefully, [...]

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I had a crazy dream last night and I'm pretty sure I can pinpoint parts in my recent life from where they came and blame it on having 2 cups of coffee and a tea yesterday. [ I had weened myself to a cup a day. ] If anything, it serves for people who don't [...]

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<li>Honesty is important. There should be a balance in sharing honesty. That's where straightforwardness comes into play. The italics portions is my opinion. Scroll down for the relevant material. I like honesty and straightforwardness. Everyone likes to know the truth. I've often heard single friends wish that they knew who had a boyfriend/girlfriend- that they [...]

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I’m a bad blogger

I haven't written in a very long time. Last semester, I arranged and directed music to an LSU theatre production of Maria Irene Fornes's Promenade , music by Al Carmines. It was an "experimental" musical at the time in the 1970's, that didn't reach much success. Fornes's obsurdist approach to forming the piece may have [...]

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E-trade Financial

I've spent several hours on the phone with E-trade, trying to close my account. They are probably the most frustrating and backwards company ever. Closing my account involves a fax, where an email, internet, or phone will not do. I've sent a fax 3 times with instructions to close my account, everytime I call to [...]

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Oui, soy un Berliner.

At the hotel in Denton, I was waiting for the elevator when a father of two, sitting in the lobby, yelled something in spanish at me. I turned around, puzzled. He asked if I spoke spanish. No, I'm asian. Oh. You look like you're from Vera Cruz. I'm from Taiwan. Oh. Okay. The elevator opened. [...]

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double dragon

I played Double Dragon 2 for the first time yesterday on my mac. I can not believe how hard it was. I was literally stuck on one section, where I had to jump a string of disappearing platforms, for an hour. One hour. I don't know how anyone could have done it on the classic [...]

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