I had a crazy dream last night and I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint parts in my recent life from where they came and blame it on having 2 cups of coffee and a tea yesterday.

[ I had weened myself to a cup a day. ] If anything, it serves for people who don’t know me well personally, to explain myself anecdotally.

[None of this this has to do with the Movie Inception]

The dream:
I was at a convention in Paris. I was supposed to meet my brother, but I woke up late and was driving quickly to the convention site. As i got out of the car, I left the keys in the ignition and just grabbed my laptop power cord. In my mind, the streets of Paris are very narrow, leaving parallel parkers very little to room to get out, because as I got out, cars are veering out of the way to avoid hitting me. One car couldn’t stop and careened off the side of my rented SUV.

Forgetting about being late to the convention and only have a power cord, I found a police woman and tried to explain in french, adding some German in also: “J’ai habe laissé mes clés dans ma voiture.”

She quickly turned and spoke to me in english. I explained and she told me it would take a while to get the keys out since the car that crashed into it damaged the doors also. I asked her what the correct way of saying ‘I left my keys in the car’, and her response was something totally un-French sounding.

She told to wait close-by. [I think I had forgotten about going to the convention by now.] I walked into a warehouse, there were people arguing about their latest musical theatre production. I recall them just complaining about how the staff and management were out of touch. When they realized I was there, they started a cd player and pointed me a large table of merchandize and tried to get me to buy things. They trying to get me to buy tchotchkes when I was just trying to get the cast cd of the show.

Then I woke up.

The explanation:
I am leaving for Florida in a few hours to visit my siblings, and I have anxiety about missing a flight; I haven’t packed yet either. I recently almost missed a flight because I didn’t check the departure time correctly. So waking up on time this morning was important.

I’ve been thinking a lot about doing research abroad, especially in Paris. One of the requirements for a Fullbright fellowship is language competency and I’ve been wondering if my French is up to snuff. The non-french the police woman spoke may have been because I watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night, which was in Swedish.

I recently I thought I had left keys to the office were my colleagues and I work in my car. We work downtown sometimes where I always parallel park and cross the street at the wrong times.

I found a DVD that an exgf had left of a broadway production of RENT. I watched that while I unpacked my new apartment. 2 nights ago, the director of a show I did music direction for at LSU who now teaches HS theatre in Metairie emailed me asking to the do music for their production of another musical, which I may or may not do. Yesterday, I was sitting in Highland Coffee and overheard an hourlong conversation between two local theatre persons and someone trying to break into the Baton Rouge theatre scene. The conversation ranged from the typical gossip to the downfall of LSU theatre because the influences of recently departed directors to general advice.