Scripting for Installations

I've been doing installation work, where sensor and processing computers need to be tucked into a hideaway often without wifi/network connect-ability; and they only run on certain days of the week, for certain hours. This post is about making sure the applications are running when they should be (and off when they should be) for Mac [...]

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You think you know about Laptop Orchestras

An Interview With Perry Cook by Nick Hwang on behalf of ElectroTap at the Symposium for Laptop Orchestras and Ensembles, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – April 2012 In April 2012, on behalf of Electrotap (Jesse Allison and Tim Place) I got to sit down and chat with Perry Cook, professor emeritus at Princeton University. We met while Louisiana [...]

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Highland Coffee

I can’t believe it. Highland Coffees is closing. Since 2005, it’s been my home away from home. I’ve probably spent more hours at Highland Coffees than any other place in Baton Rouge. I’ve often joked that I’ve probably spent the equivalent of a barista’s LSU tuition there. I’ve blogged about the place. I’ve ordered their [...]

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Edinburgh Fringe – Part 2

I've been in Edinburgh since August 26. #ORIGIN In an hour, we will be giving our final performance at the Fringe. Since we began tech rehearsal and running the show, things have gotten more hectic. The venue is a 25 minute walk from our dormitory. There are a few halls in the venue, and actually [...]

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My TEDxLSU Experience

I recently presented a TEDx presentation at LSU. The entire experience was great. An entire day's worth of inspirational and informative. The speakers were mostly from Baton Rouge or Louisiana area, and I knew quite a few of them personally. Below is the video from my presentation. While it's different in format than most traditional [...]

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Don’t slow down

This past week as been amazingly busy, humbling, and exciting. I have a premiere of a new work for saxophone and electronic at NASA in Orlando. I will be both presenting a paper and performing a work at Temple University for N-SEME conference. I've been preparing a TEDx presentation. And the new version of ICAST [...]

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Sight and Sound

Is it a coincidence or something else? How do you relate music and sound? Visually? If it's me collaborating with visual artists to create interactive installations or writing projection-based laptop orchestra works, I feel like for a while I have been trying involve more visuals in my work. Today I was hit with a one-two [...]

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Airturn AT-104 and MaxMSP

So you got an [ Airturn ]AT-104 for Christmas. So did I. To go along with the MaxMSP hacking (as I did with the Korg nanoKontrol2) for my music-making, I decided to skip setting up MusicReader (for which the pedals were designed) and quickly tried to make sure it played nicely with my Max patches.   The [...]

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