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Don’t slow down

This past week as been amazingly busy, humbling, and exciting. I have a premiere of a new work for saxophone and electronic at NASA in Orlando. I will be both presenting a paper and performing a work at Temple University for N-SEME conference. I've been preparing a TEDx presentation. And the new version of ICAST [...]

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electroacoustic vs. soundscape

"The essential difference between an electroacoustic composition that uses pre-recorded environmental sound as its source material, and a work that can be called a soundscape composition, is that in the former, the sound loses all or most of its environmental context. In fact, even its original identity is frequently lost through the extensive manipulation it [...]

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Last day in Providence

I turned on the television as I was eating breakfast this morning and one of favorites, the Departed, was on. I had been listening to a Providence accent all week and I might thought, when I first arrived, that their accents (Providence and Boston) were pretty much identical. They're definitely not. I had been listening [...]

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Good Advice

Last night, I had a really nice hang and conversation with a fellow doctoral student, whom I don't get to see much anymore. Him, another doctoral student and I spent a couple of hours comparing dissertation work, musical advances, future plans, and general chit-chat. I got some great advice about the anxiety I've been feeling [...]

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class, teach, compose, ultimate, maybe eat

I was navigating through Hulu today and I accidentally clicked on this short film. After it started, I thought, 'why not, just watch it?'. It's worth the 17-some minutes. I've been working really hard lately and I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere. The semester is going to start Tuesday and I'm almost finished [...]

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