LOrch Messenger

  L’Orch Messenger is a messaging application, relying on UPD over a local network, specifically created for laptop orchestra performances. Download via Dropbox [ link ]. L’Orch Messenger affords two interfaces and two in-performance messaging paradigms: ‘1 messenger to many receivers’ or ‘any number of messengers with up to as many receivers’. The interface changes when the [...]

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Create tabs in MaxMSP

Here's how to create patcher tabs in MaxMSP. This is different than the tab or object. This method will create tabs seen in the help files in Max.   Create one or more subpatchers. Open one of the subpatchers. With the subpatcher open (with focus on that window), open Patch Inspector. (Not regular Inspector.) On [...]

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Airturn AT-104 and MaxMSP

So you got an [ Airturn ]AT-104 for Christmas. So did I. To go along with the MaxMSP hacking (as I did with the Korg nanoKontrol2) for my music-making, I decided to skip setting up MusicReader (for which the pedals were designed) and quickly tried to make sure it played nicely with my Max patches.   The [...]

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