L’Orch Messenger is a messaging application, relying on UPD over a local network, specifically created for laptop orchestra performances. Download via Dropbox

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L’Orch Messenger affords two interfaces and two in-performance messaging paradigms: ‘1 messenger to many receivers’ or ‘any number of messengers with up to as many receivers’. The interface changes when the user changes their ‘Role’.

The ‘Messenger’ interface affords access to both a typing box for outgoing messages as well as a box for incoming messages. A ‘Performer Focus’ interface gives the user a prominent text window for incoming messages. A flashing alert with in the text windows notifies users when new messages arrive — this flashing can be toggled off.

L’Orch Messenger detects the user’s local IP and Hostname. An upcoming version will automatically populate the ‘Messenger’ UI with local users’ IP/Hostnames available for messaging.