I recently purchased an iPad. I told myself I wanted to buy it to use as a music control device. By the end of the week, “What the Bells” will be iPad controlled. Jeff Albert and I are working on a piece for four iPads in the model of jazz set. That should be ready by the end of the week also.

I’ve been typing this post on the iPad. It’s the first serious typing I’ve done on it. The autocorrect works fairly well, but it takes a little getting use to in terms of hand/finger placement. The symbol options takes a little time to learn (@, apostrophe, and quotes).

One of the most annoying thing about multiple-touching is precision tasks. I hate the magnifying glass – cursor slide – to correct a misplaced letter.

For the most part, I see the iPad as a consumption tool and not much of a productivity tool. Yes, I know that Apple put iWork applications on here, and yes, I’m blogging — but beyond simple typing ( which is hard enough — I’m trying hard to avoid index-finger typing ) anything that requires precision tasks, extensive typing, editing, cloud communication, will be hard to sustain.

This is great for watching video, reading the news, casual browsing etc — consuming. But not easily creative.

Watch– next week, I may do next week’s class lecture on keynote through my iPad.