I haven’t written in a very long time.

Last semester, I arranged and directed music to an LSU theatre production of Maria Irene Fornes’s Promenade , music by Al Carmines. It was an “experimental” musical at the time in the 1970’s, that didn’t reach much success. Fornes’s obsurdist approach to forming the piece may have rubbed audiences the wrong way.

The LSU production of Promenade was a large success, being sold out every night and not not being a main stage show. The work I put into it did pay off in the connections I made with the theatre department. I am looking to do sound design and compose music for at least two shows next fall semester.

This semester I started work on my opera- Southern Werewolf. It’s a one act opera for soprano and baritone, based off a play by a fellow LSU grad student in the theatre department of the same name. It’s a story based in Southen Louisiana, around Lafayette parish. It’s a love story between a werewolf and vampire.