We arrived in Paris and tried to buy a direct flight Vienna or Linz, but we’re unable to do so. So went ahead with trying to get to Prague as we originally planned. After leaving the arrival gate, we had to pass through a new set of security at concourse D. All the monitors had our departure gate for Prague as D61. When we arrived at the gate, there was no one there. Long story short: they moved the departure gate before we showed up and we missed the 9:15am flight.

We got our tickets rebooked for the next flight to Prague leaving at 10:30am. And the rest of the trip was with little problems. When we arrived at Prague, our luggage was not on the claim belt. We talked to the baggage persons and thankfully our bags had arrived the day before. We were very relieved. We had finally arrived in Prague and our planned flights were over.

We then had to decide where (since our Meetup time at Vienna with Andy had past), where we were going: Munich, Linz, Cesky Krumlov. All the Czech-transport website information told us there were no available seats directly to Linz, but we tried to ask anyway.

30 euros from Prague to Linz, 6 hours and 2 train changes. We took it. The first two trains were old, cabin style, windowed cars. The last part, after we had passed into Austria was a nice, quiet, high speed train. It seemed as we approached Linz things were getting nicer.

We arrived in Linz and tried to get a hold of Andy. After calling our contacts in the United States, we got a hold of Andy, who was already at the International tuba euphonium conference.

After all the rebookings. Corey, Rachel, Andy and I finally met up in Linz, unpacked at the Arcohotel next to the Brucknerhaus. We spent the rest of the night exchanging travel stories.

Tomorrow, we will try to adjust to the time, site see a little, and prepare our presentation, and rehearse.

It’s really nice to settle down for a second.