Day 2: Atlanta, Paris, Prague, Munich(?)

After spending the night in a hotel in downtown Atlanta, Corey and I returned to the airport at noon to make our 3:15pm flight. Earlier that morning, Corey woke and found his itinerary completely empty on the Delta website and spent most of the morning, again, on the phone.

When we finally arrived, the kiosks told us to speak to an agent behind the desks. The persons helping scratched their heads over the apparent mess of our re-bookings, changes, and bad ticket-making. A few minutes later, we were handed tickets in varying degrees of completion. Corey had to get is ticket to Paris at the gate, E5. And I would have to wait till we arrived in Paris for my ticket to Prague. None of our originally, coordinated seats remained. I had seat 22F, the one I booked, but Corey’s (originally 22E) was now 37A.

We had lunch and hung out for a couple hours and boarded for Paris–the smoothest portion of our trip thus far.

I am writing with a little more than an hour left before touching down in Paris. It will be 6am in Paris. Our layover for Prague is about an hour.

This morning Corey and I tried to book our way to Vienna to meet up with Andy and Rachel, who have been waiting for us. The entire Budapest portion of the trip has been given up, but unfortunately still paid for. All the travel options to get to Vienna from Prague are prohibitively expensive or unavailable.

Corey and my new travel course appears to take us from Prague to Munich and finally to Linz by Sunday for the tech rehearsal. There seems to be more options for travel to Munich than to Vienna, although the seat availability was not apparent online.

I hope the rest of the trip will be smoother than as it has been, especially now with language barriers and limited communication possibilities. I have unlocked my iPhone and hope to by a local SIM card as soon as possible.