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Europe Trip – day 3/4

We arrived in Paris and tried to buy a direct flight Vienna or Linz, but we're unable to do so. So went ahead with trying to get to Prague as we originally planned. After leaving the arrival gate, we had to pass through a new set of security at concourse D. All the monitors had [...]

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Europe Trip – Day 2

Day 2: Atlanta, Paris, Prague, Munich(?) After spending the night in a hotel in downtown Atlanta, Corey and I returned to the airport at noon to make our 3:15pm flight. Earlier that morning, Corey woke and found his itinerary completely empty on the Delta website and spent most of the morning, again, on the phone. [...]

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Europe Trip – Day 1

I wish I could be writing this post as I soar through over the Atlantic Ocean en route to Milan, a short stop away from Prague. But unfortunately, I'm in a hotel room in downtown Atlanta watching the Heat demolish the Thunder for the NBA championship. A few things went wrong today. Most of them [...]

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I have been collaborating with two sculptors at LSU, Tom Lapann and Meghan Scuderi. I approached them on creating an interactive environment where visitor explore the interior of an enclosed seed-like structure with glowing orbs. These glowing orbs would light the way within the interior and also react to the objects inside. Larger than life [...]

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New Year – 2012

What a year - 2011. So many things happened. Lots of a good things. Some sad things. Last year I had performances over 20- some performances in 7 different states. My sister had the first child from our generation - I became an uncle. My grandfather died. “This is the one I esteem: He who is [...]

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Wii-motes as musical controllers

[this post is still in progress] I've been working on my piece What the Pluck for solo cello and laptop ensemble, whereby the wii-mote performers borrow a cello-performance posture and playing motion. The goal physical goal is to have gestural similarities performed on by the wii-performers with similar sonic outcomes (at first). I'm going [...]

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Electric LaTex

I am riding home from Electric LaTex in Austin, Texas where I performed with Michael Straus, Dana Jessen, and Corey Knoll. I also had a fixed media piece performed. This was the last (hopefully) of several trips this semester. Being able to travel to Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, and Texas in 2 month and [...]

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