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My TEDxLSU Experience

I recently presented a TEDx presentation at LSU. The entire experience was great. An entire day's worth of inspirational and informative. The speakers were mostly from Baton Rouge or Louisiana area, and I knew quite a few of them personally. Below is the video from my presentation. While it's different in format than most traditional [...]

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Don’t slow down

This past week as been amazingly busy, humbling, and exciting. I have a premiere of a new work for saxophone and electronic at NASA in Orlando. I will be both presenting a paper and performing a work at Temple University for N-SEME conference. I've been preparing a TEDx presentation. And the new version of ICAST [...]

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Sight and Sound

Is it a coincidence or something else? How do you relate music and sound? Visually? If it's me collaborating with visual artists to create interactive installations or writing projection-based laptop orchestra works, I feel like for a while I have been trying involve more visuals in my work. Today I was hit with a one-two [...]

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Airturn AT-104 and MaxMSP

So you got an [ Airturn ]AT-104 for Christmas. So did I. To go along with the MaxMSP hacking (as I did with the Korg nanoKontrol2) for my music-making, I decided to skip setting up MusicReader (for which the pedals were designed) and quickly tried to make sure it played nicely with my Max patches.   The [...]

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Korg nanoKontrol2 and Max

Edit: November 22, 2018 So you got a Korg nanoKontrol2 MIDI controller and you want to hook up to Max(MSP). I've made a simple patch to you get started connecting your controller to Max, where you can configure the individual toggle/momentary action, and is OSC-capable. The link is below. Of course, the first thing [...]

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Environmental Variable and Mountain Lion

I updated to Mountain Lion not long ago and have been running most music programs and IDEs without problem. But I noticed issues mainly regarding Environmental Variables I set for network identifications. So here’s a way to set Environmental Variables for Mountain Lion. I had been using the RCEnvironment from Rubicode, but this method is [...]

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SPACES: an interactive exhibit @Foster Gallery

Art & Technology Show Three works of interactive sights and sounds by Tom Lapann, Nick Hwang, Meg Scuderi,  David Williams, James Kimura-Green, Tahjah Krauss, and Sarah Jones. September 7-14, 2012 Foster Gallery, LSU Reception: September 7, 7pm Pieces Coelocyte is an environment of light, sound, and texture. A responsive organism made from natural and industrial [...]

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Europe Trip – day 3/4

We arrived in Paris and tried to buy a direct flight Vienna or Linz, but we're unable to do so. So went ahead with trying to get to Prague as we originally planned. After leaving the arrival gate, we had to pass through a new set of security at concourse D. All the monitors had [...]

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