I used to take my coffee black. I don’t remember the real reason, but I imagine it was based on the same manly impressions I learned from my thirds grade teacher, Mr. Urquhart, who at the time seemed ten feet tall- the most manly man I knew. He used to boot the kickball over the school during recess. Or from the same place I chose Gin & Tonic as my drink of choice: I had no prior knowledge, but thought I needed some old fashioned, romanticized drink.

I started taking soy milk with my coffee when I realized the powder creamer I had partially hydrogenated soy bean oil. And rather than being a modern jackass about it, trust me when I say it’s not the healthiest thing to put in your body, especially since I drank 3-4 cups a day.

After five years of having soy milk with my coffee, I started researching the side effects of soy milk on me, especially those of phytoestrogen. (http://bit.ly/U6rM9p)

I am now taking an intentional month-long hiatus to having soy milk. I know that soy is the main ingredient to so many foods, so it’s unavoidable. But since I drink so much coffee, removing that amount of soy milk seemed significant. I will see if I notice anything different.