Art & Technology Show

Three works of interactive sights and sounds by Tom Lapann, Nick Hwang, Meg Scuderi,  David Williams, James Kimura-Green, Tahjah Krauss, and Sarah Jones.

September 7-14, 2012
Foster Gallery, LSU
Reception: September 7, 7pm


Coelocyte is an environment of light, sound, and texture. A responsive organism made from natural and industrial materials, the interactive installation invites visitors to explore and reacts with lights, vibrations, and sound. Within its allotted lifespan, Coelocyte’s responses change over time.

Artists: Nick Hwang, Tom Lapann, Meg Scuderi,

Panoply is an audio-visual installation where the ‘minutiae’ and the composite of an environmental are considered.

Artists: Nick Hwang, TahJah Krauss

Panta rhei “everything flows”

A series of intaglio prints were brought into the digital platform to investigate the boundaries of technology and traditional hand processes. The intaglio print process allows us to record layers upon layers of marks on a single flat surface. The prints become a recorded history of the exploration of this process. Rather then present the audience with static prints we wanted to give the audience an opportunity to explore the stages of the plate as it evolves. The digital platform allows the audience to interact with the layers in a dynamic, fluid, and non-linear manner. While we have created the structure for the work, ultimately the audience will conduct the constant flux of imagery in the projection.

Artists: Tom LaPann, David Williams, James Kimura-Green, Nick Hwang

Materials: interactive video installation on a mixed media screen