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Europe Trip – Day 2

Day 2: Atlanta, Paris, Prague, Munich(?) After spending the night in a hotel in downtown Atlanta, Corey and I returned to the airport at noon to make our 3:15pm flight. Earlier that morning, Corey woke and found his itinerary completely empty on the Delta website and spent most of the morning, again, on the phone. [...]

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Europe Trip – Day 1

I wish I could be writing this post as I soar through over the Atlantic Ocean en route to Milan, a short stop away from Prague. But unfortunately, I'm in a hotel room in downtown Atlanta watching the Heat demolish the Thunder for the NBA championship. A few things went wrong today. Most of them [...]

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I have been collaborating with two sculptors at LSU, Tom Lapann and Meghan Scuderi. I approached them on creating an interactive environment where visitor explore the interior of an enclosed seed-like structure with glowing orbs. These glowing orbs would light the way within the interior and also react to the objects inside. Larger than life [...]

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New Year – 2012

What a year - 2011. So many things happened. Lots of a good things. Some sad things. Last year I had performances over 20- some performances in 7 different states. My sister had the first child from our generation - I became an uncle. My grandfather died. “This is the one I esteem: He who is [...]

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Wii-motes as musical controllers

[this post is still in progress] I've been working on my piece What the Pluck for solo cello and laptop ensemble, whereby the wii-mote performers borrow a cello-performance posture and playing motion. The goal physical goal is to have gestural similarities performed on by the wii-performers with similar sonic outcomes (at first). I'm going [...]

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Electric LaTex

I am riding home from Electric LaTex in Austin, Texas where I performed with Michael Straus, Dana Jessen, and Corey Knoll. I also had a fixed media piece performed. This was the last (hopefully) of several trips this semester. Being able to travel to Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, and Texas in 2 month and [...]

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News, Upcoming, Recent

Upcoming Performances and Events Sandra Russel Clark's Traces at LSU Museum of Art (February 6-March 12) Sheryl Southwick's 1 on the Road show at Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge (January 20-March 20) Recent Performances and Events December 4, 2014 - 'Sunset' for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano - Versipel New Music Concert - New [...]

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