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Wait (2011) for 4-channel diffusion. Program Notes This work explores the confluence of two disparate sounds cast in a field of space and dynamics. The form of Wait is 4 repetitions of a single thought. Each repetition is a slight expansion and elaboration of the previous.   Wait - Stereo Mix   Wait [...]

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Last day in Providence

I turned on the television as I was eating breakfast this morning and one of favorites, the Departed, was on. I had been listening to a Providence accent all week and I might thought, when I first arrived, that their accents (Providence and Boston) were pretty much identical. They're definitely not. I had been listening [...]

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Providence, Rhode Island Visit

I've spent the week in Providence, Rhode Island for the Pixilerations Festival. The experience as a whole has been great, exciting, and as always, a huge learning experience. Social Structure [ Construction no. 1] had the huge privilege of getting the largest space in brand new Granoff Center at Brown University. It was up as [...]

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My grandfather

If you haven’t met my grandfather, then you might not understand my family or me. I’d like to think there’s a bit of my grandfather in me. His impression on my father is undeniable. If anything, I want to say my family is special. We’re exceptionally close;  no doubt from my grandfather’s influence. [...]

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Washington dc part 2

Day 2 in Washington DC: We woke up a little earlier and got out the do ~10:15. Grace took the day off to be with us. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum with two important destinations: the dinosaur hall and the ocean hall.

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Washington DC day 1

I flew into DC at Midnight:30. My sister picked me up in her pajamas. I’d come to visit her and see DC. My parents had taken the family to the Smithsonians and monuments when we were in elementary. I remember running up down the hill of the Washington Monument with my siblings while my dad [...]

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Bugs in the System

Bugs in the System | 2011 Bugs in the System is a (prototype) installation piece using Arduino, Sharp IR distance sensors, Max/MSP, HexBug bugs, LEGO’s, contact microphones, and a metal maze, where the location of battery powered Hexbugs bugs, in relation to a track, determines the sonic outcomes. The entire premise is based on ‘bugs’: [...]

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June 10: I've been learning ComputerVision, using Max/MSP. This work uses Infrared Red lights, on each block, as markers to indicate areas for social media artifacts to be projected on. Here are a couple videos I've made, as I learn a little bit of color tracking in Max/MSP. The next step is defining the rectangular area between the colored dots. And then putting an image in that area.

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What a semester!

I had a semi-meltdown yesterday. I was frustrated with the current state of GUA. I got flustered when people were complaining and I was trying to fix it. This semester has taken its toll on me mentally, physically and now emotionally. I feel like I've been sick for a month. I realized that I've a [...]

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