I had a semi-meltdown yesterday. I was frustrated with the current state of GUA. I got flustered when people were complaining and I was trying to fix it.

This semester has taken its toll on me mentally, physically and now emotionally. I feel like I’ve been sick for a month.

I realized that I’ve a lot of things to do. And still do till the end of the semester. I made a short of performances (me performing to having pieces played) for this semester.

Jan 19-22 – GUA, at SEAMUS
Jan 25-29 – week-long performance tour.

Feb 14 – ‘Pins and Needles Bend and Break’ Performed

March 1 – GUA with LSU Wind Symphony
March 2 – ‘On the 7th’ excerpt – Trombone piece Performance
March 15 – GUA, Musical Instrument Improv
March 24 – ‘Nocturne’ for String Orchestra Performance

April 4 – ‘What the Freq’ for Laptop Orchestra Performance
April 7 – ‘The Dark’ for Soprano and Harpsichord, LSU recital hour

May 2 – High Voltage, something on there
May 4- ‘On the 7th’ premiere, Chris Green Trombone.

I had 2 performances in February, but had my doctoral general exams and defense.

I’ve always had a goal to have my music be performed more often in a single semester than either Mozart or Beethoven. This is the closest I’ve come, and it’s almost killing me.