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Bugs in the System

Bugs in the System | 2011 Bugs in the System is a (prototype) installation piece using Arduino, Sharp IR distance sensors, Max/MSP, HexBug bugs, LEGO’s, contact microphones, and a metal maze, where the location of battery powered Hexbugs bugs, in relation to a track, determines the sonic outcomes. The entire premise is based on ‘bugs’: [...]

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June 10: I've been learning ComputerVision, using Max/MSP. This work uses Infrared Red lights, on each block, as markers to indicate areas for social media artifacts to be projected on. Here are a couple videos I've made, as I learn a little bit of color tracking in Max/MSP. The next step is defining the rectangular area between the colored dots. And then putting an image in that area.

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Nick Hwang | WTFreq | Spring 2011 WTFreq is a piece for four wii-mote performers and four laptops. The piece is a followup to What the Bells, 2010. The piece uses demonstrative wii-mote moments to visually differentiate four types of sound synthesis. Automated instructions are displayed on each performers laptop display. The instructions include information [...]

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Social Structure [ Construction no. 1 ] concept

Event Poster:         Social Structure [Construction no. 1]  (2011: Nick Hwang, Jesse Allison, and Michael Straus) is an interactive audiovisual performance for voice, social media, interactive media, and ‘socially aware’ constructed speaker blocks, in which social media artifacts (such as tweets, Facebook statuses, 4Square locales, Flickr/Instagram photos) are re-interpreted [...]

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GUA is a live manipulation and sampling digital instrument for laptop and iPad. Document on the development of GUA - [ PDF ] GUA uses live manipulation modules of pitch shift, delay, chorus flanging, filtering, and reverb. A 6-sampler array allows for varied or multiple inputs, variable playback rate, and adjustable scrubbing area. [...]

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Laptop Orchestra Tour

We're back from SEAMUS2011, and we barely have time to prepare for our Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana tour. Today is day full of rehearsal and tech. prep. I have a ton of academic loose-ends. My general exams still loom at the end of the tour. We're making four stops in the Southeast to perform and [...]

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Pop Reference

I recently came to a stopping point in an fixed electroacoustic piece that I had been working for a while. "Pop Reference" takes a dialogue I wrote between a pair during a car ride where they confront each on some frustrating situations with their relationship. The dialogue progresses through different exchanges where they both confront [...]

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Tonight was the first day of ICMC. I've met people I've read about in text books. I'm in New York for the first time. The hotel is across the street from Madison Square Garden and a few minutes walk from Times Square. I saw a show off Broadway and tomorrow I'm seeing a play starring [...]

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What the Bells

'What the Bells' is a musical piece that involves Wiimote, Laptop, and (recently added) iPhone/iPad. 'What the Bells' involves a 4 Bell players, each with Wii-Motes and laptop running a client Max patch. A central laptop sends performer instructions via OSC. Global parameters such as timbre changes and delay, controlled by iPhone or iPad, are [...]

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