Tonight was the first day of ICMC. I’ve met people I’ve read about in text books. I’m in New York for the first time. The hotel is across the street from Madison Square Garden and a few minutes walk from Times Square. I saw a show off Broadway and tomorrow I’m seeing a play starring Christopher Walken. I’m kind of taken with this whole experience. I’m enjoying being in the city. I’m enjoying the conference; the issues are relevant to what I’m very much into right now.

The papers being presented have many interesting points, but they often end with the same questions, questions that I often find myself asking my own work: 1- is this simply remaking something already done; is it any any better; what does it bring to the table? 2- how does the design hinder/aid usability? Design should be 98% of anything created. The rest is perspiration/inspiration.

But anyway, I have 4 more days here in NY. I’m hoping to fit in sometime for MOMA. Otherwise, I’ll have to plan a trip back!!