On the heels of the ISIM conference, we (Jeff, Corey and I) received word, our trio has been accepted to perform at the Society Electro-Acoustic MUSic (SEAMUS) conference this coming January in Miami.

We’re hoping to hear word while we were in Ann Arbor, and the anxiety of not being accepted was swept-over as we prepared to fly home yesterday. This morning Jeff got an email from the organizers.

It’s of no surprise that I’m panicking needlessly about my code and performance tools. Within the next 5 weeks, I’m probably going to change the code and involve the use of foot pedals, etc.
I’m looking forward to going to SEAMUS.
The beginning of my semester now looks like this:

  • January 18: First day off class (teaching intro to computer music)
    Paper for ICMC due.
  • January 19: My birthday
  • January 20-23 SEAMUS
  • January 25-29: Laptop Orchestra Tour, 4 Southeast college/universities
  • February 2-4: General Exams