GUA is a live manipulation and sampling digital instrument for laptop and iPad.

Document on the development of GUA – [ PDF ]

GUA uses live manipulation modules of pitch shift, delay, chorus flanging, filtering, and reverb. A 6-sampler array allows for varied or multiple inputs, variable playback rate, and adjustable scrubbing area.

Since GUA is meant for live performance, the replayed sampled material can also be affected by the Live Manipulation Modules as well.

Since it’s creation in 2009, GUA has been used in performance over 20 times, at notable occasions such as SEAMUS2011 in Miami, International Society of Improvised Music conference 2010 in Ann Arbor, and LaTex electracoustic music festival 2010 & 2009.

Recordings of Performances of GUA
Performance at Open Ears, Blue Nile, in New Orleans. With Jeff Albert and J Corey Knoll.
MP3: [ excerpt1 ] | [ excerpt2 ] | [ excerpt3 ]

With The Incense Merchants, a Baton Rouge Improv Group[ ]

Videos of Performances featuring GUA
Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana using GUA at their Spring Gala Concert 2011

The Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana using GUA in a performance at Columbus State University, GA.–I

SEAMUS2011 in Miami

Work on GUA has been done with Jeff Albert and J Corey Knoll.