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Last week, as I was having breakfast-for-lunch at Louie's, the waitress, whom I have seen around Baton Rouge, told me she had "seen a video on Youtube with the song that's playing right now (in Louie's) where you shove a bunch of grapes in your mouth". The song was 'Heartbeats' by the Knife. And the [...]

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Pop Reference

I recently came to a stopping point in an fixed electroacoustic piece that I had been working for a while. "Pop Reference" takes a dialogue I wrote between a pair during a car ride where they confront each on some frustrating situations with their relationship. The dialogue progresses through different exchanges where they both confront [...]

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As of late, I've becoming more and more frustrated on how little I know. The more I try to make myself learn, the more disgustingly daunting the task of "catching up" to where I feel I should be seems.

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yeah right – art!

Now that everyone's living more virtually than ever and augmenting reality (and augmenting virtual reality), I've decided to jump on this ridiculous band wagon. I've created with pieces of beautiful and unique visual art. You might say they are very similar to someone's else (or similar to each other), but if you look very carefully, [...]

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I had a crazy dream last night and I'm pretty sure I can pinpoint parts in my recent life from where they came and blame it on having 2 cups of coffee and a tea yesterday. [ I had weened myself to a cup a day. ] If anything, it serves for people who don't [...]

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<li>Honesty is important. There should be a balance in sharing honesty. That's where straightforwardness comes into play. The italics portions is my opinion. Scroll down for the relevant material. I like honesty and straightforwardness. Everyone likes to know the truth. I've often heard single friends wish that they knew who had a boyfriend/girlfriend- that they [...]

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The reality of the moment

I've been re-learning to live this past semester. My girlfriend of almost two years and I broke up, catapulting me to rediscover singledom- which, after two years, was something I was not used to, relatively. One good thing that grew out of this, was that I passed and did well in my classes. I don't [...]

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breaking up

One of the hardest things with a breakup in a serious relationship is a lot of daily routines involved your new ex. It sucks. You automatically associate many parts of your life to that person. From brushing teeth, meals, laughing, sheet lightening, and how to judge how fun things are. When you think of something [...]

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funny ha ha

I just watched "funny ha ha", by Andrew Bujalski. It's a fantastic movie. One of the best words to describe it would be "realistic"- from the characters to the dialogue to the situations. I felt like everyone in the movie could be someone I know from Gainesville (maybe Baton Rouge). Nothing is overplay. Kate Dollenmayer, [...]

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End of the semester

I'm back in Florida. I haven't been back in 4 months. Gloria came back last night- she's the last one to come back. It's been really weird living without my siblings. I did pretty well this semester and I'm really glad to be back home. I've been completely relaxing, playing video games, seeing my grandparents. [...]

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