I just watched “funny ha ha”, by Andrew Bujalski.

It’s a fantastic movie. One of the best words to describe it would be “realistic”- from the characters to the dialogue to the situations. I felt like everyone in the movie could be someone I know from Gainesville (maybe Baton Rouge). Nothing is overplay. Kate Dollenmayer, who plays the main character does a very convincing job.

If you’re tired of movies being too ‘Hollywood’, this might the right fix. There are times where it seems it might almost drag-on, but never was it boring. There were times where my brother was sighing because of the typical awkwardness between certain characters, but I really loved because of its realism.

Despite the title, there is nothing particularly humourous at all. There is no commentary at all, except (possibly) the very end- which seems to come a little late but leaves too soon.