I’ve picked up a hobby since I’ve been in Baton Rouge. I spend a couple hours a month playing blackjack.

In a short time and on a small college bankroll, I’ve become a VIP player at a local casino. I won’t mainly be posting tips on how to play blackjack, but mostly about the culture that I’ve noticed, the social aspect of gaming, endoctorenated betting strategies, superstitions, and fallacies held by players that prevent long term winning.

Often times these false beliefs, superstitions, and lack of understanding compound each other.

The first fallacy I want to address is the ubiquitous belief that if you play the cards correctly, you will win. And, if you don’t play “correctly”, you will ruin the winning order of the cards – the winning order of cards that would give you: blackjack; twenty-one, if you hit; make the dealer bust, if you stay with than twenty-one; give the dealer a winning hand, if you decide to surrender; give the dealer blackjack, if you decide to take insurance; not give the dealer blackjack, if you don’t take insurance; all of which is possible in one shute, but highly improbable to expect.