I was talking to Curt tonight before Tilly and the Wall. He asked me when I finish my masters and what I was doing next. I told him I finish in May and will be looking to start my PhD.
And naturally the followup is ‘where?’.

I’ve thought about it several times, but I’m unable to name any specific school but general areas. I want to go North. Chicago, Indiana, NY, Boston, Michigan? -maybe even Europe.
So, tomorrow I start my next step in my future: I’ll be researching schools with PhD programs in Music Composition that place an emphasis on ‘New Music’ and encourage performances. It’s seems a little awkward- I have yet to move into my new apartment and have a another year of classes, and I am already planning on starting my next degree. I hope by the time I turn 25 (January 19th), I will have a good idea where I will be for the next 4 or 5 years.

Shane (future roommate) has joked about him starting his Master’s at the same place I start my PhD. What a weird feeling- since my notion before coming here was that I would mostly have no obligation, long-standing tie, or person following me out of Baton Rouge.

From there, I will have vague outlines of enriching my life- buying a house, marriage, children, etc.

I wonder how I will be in 5 years. 30. Will I regret plowing straight through school taken no breaks. Will I be burnt out? Will I be a great composer? Will I be alive? Will I have the same views I have now? Will I know the same people I know now? Will the people and things I love still be around? Someone please remind me in 5 years to look back and answer myself.