On the the connecting flight on my way home from Atlanta to Tampa, I sat next to a girl who had just gotten out of basic training. She had just got her release and was flying home two weeks before going her assignment. She told me the hardest part wasn’t the physical traning but rather dealing with all the girls and their bitchiness. She had bought a new portable DVD player and was watching The Incredibles. She saw me editing some of my music and told me she loves to sing. After watching the extra footable to The Incredibles, she spent the rest of the flight singing to herself- but not before I asked her how she felt about females barred from combat. She told me she doesn’t mind fighting, she’s given the same training as guys, and prefers not to get shot. I was going to to go on and ask her how she feels about the President, the War on Iraq, the War on Terror, and the waste of human life, but I didn’t want to make a scene and appear non-partriotic.