I stayed in Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving. My sisters went home. My mom called today and sounded really sad that my brother and I weren’t there. I wish I could have been home.

For Thanksgiving dinner, I made myself a turkey pita and a protein shake. I tried to make a baked potato, but didn’t leave in the oven long enough. I fell asleep shortly afterwards.

I played disc golf for the first time. This whole experience showed me that I hate not doing things well. I didn’t enjoy it until I started to get better. The golf disc flies differently than an ordinary ultimate disc, and it took me an entire round before getting used to the new motions. We replayed the top 9, and I parred on 4 of them.

I realized that money is going to be tight until January. I haven’t spent money on anything for the past week. I have been drinking water every time I go to Highland. I only had enough money for December and January. But I played poker last night in hopes of making some money and did. I might be able to make it until I leave for home in December.

My professor has given me an assignment to write a 4-5 minute sax solo for Athanasios Zervas for a concert in April. I don’t know if my work is paying off, or what. I also got a job transcribing music.

I am glad that I am in Louisiana and I am studying music. Living here alone has been a little depressing at times, but I am staying positive, because I am in seeing some results from my hard work. I really wish I could have spent this weekend with my family and friends. My brother managed to find a real thanksgiving dinner. I haven’t seen my sisters in a long time. Living together for our undergraduates is something I miss and definitely something with which not many can identify. Although, here at LSU, I’m surprised by how many students still live at home or living 10 minutes away from home.

I have yet to see Rent.