I went to the movies this weekend to see Saw 2. If you’re interested in seeing something that will make you uncomfortable for about 2 hours, it’s your movie. The acting is slightly better than the first, but it is far more gruesome. Completely gratuitous. At least in A History of Violence the action was obviously over the top, comic book style. In Saw 2, it’s a matter of unfullfilled hopes. You hope the unnecessary blood and guts will end so the plot will pick back up, but neither happen.

On the otherhand, I saw Dreamer this weekend as well. This film was much more uplifting and pleasant. I’ve been a fan of Dakota Fanning since I am Sam. She’s so cute. Speaking of seemingly unhealthy obsessions of cute child actresses, the new Harry Potter looks amazing. Hermione is cute!

I’m at highland and I thought I saw someone I recognized. I thought I saw this rail thin brunette that plays pools upstairs in The Spanish Moon all the time. She takes the competitive attitude to the next level. Her sober versus drunks competitive attitude to the next level. She takes things so seriously. And she’s not very good. When she loses, she gets obviously upset. And understandable so- usually the ones that beat her have had 3-4 more beers than her (I’ve never seen her drink). The game was 8-ball. The first time we played, she had 3 balls, I had 7. I ended up beating her. She would seem a lot more cuter to me now if she hadn’t flicked me off before walking away.