So I think it rained a lot harder here for Hurricane Rita than it did for Katrina. I lost power for about 24 hours. My fridge was defrosting with about $70 worth of food that I bought the day before.

Classes are canceled until Tuesday.

Last night I went to the local coffee shop and trying to do some work. It was surprisingly busy. My apartment as well as the four local bars in my area lost power. The only upside to that was I knew I would be able to find a parking spot when I came later.

This morning I left early and tried to find some gas and ice for my fridge- I didn’t want my roast beef to go to waste. It was pouring. As I was pulling out of my apartment, a transformer along the side of the road exploded. I went to Albertsons and bought a lot of ice, a cooler, and some gatorade. I was completely soaked walking to my car. The rain was going sideways.

Here’s a clip of the rain and a tent set up in one the bar’s parking lots that knocked over some power lines.

I got more wet than when I got swimming. As I was pulling my groceries from my car, I noticed the rims on my neighbor’s car rims still spinning. Some things never change. I spent the rest of the day folding clothes and organizing my bedroom/living room.

The power came on this afternoon. In time for the Gator game. The internet is still down. After a couple episodes of Law and Order, I figured it was time to hunt for gas since the winds had died down a lot. I’m back at Highland Coffee checking emails and getting a new flyer for my dance night. link.

There are always really cute girls here. There are so many brunettes here, it’s a huge breathe of fresh air from the suffocatingly blonde-nation in Gainesville. My brother thinks he has a system, but I don’t it has the same points.
+2 mac user
+2 brunette/dark hair
+1 high contrast eyes from hair
-1 flip flops
-1 studded belt
-1 jeans
This one sitting across from me was extremely cute, on her laptop, calf length peasant skirt, curly brown hair tied-back, clear eyes, constantly biting her thumb as she made a gun pointed at the bridge of her nose.

I’ve been met with some nice hospitality here for the most part. The last 5 times I’ve been out, 3 of the times, people have bought me drinks and I honestly don’t know why. But what I’ve failed to do after hanging out with whomever is get their numbers. So I’ve said bye to a Sarah, Margaret, Christy without a way to contact them again. Maybe I’m a jerk or something. Each have been interesting in their own way, but – I don’t know.

I only drink coffee in the evenings. I just finished my usual soy mocha and I had a flashback of a dream I had probably 6 months ago. A deserty area with lot of coal-cart railing. But I can’t remember anything else. I think the hurricanes have put a lot of stress on me. I’m having to deal with missing class and catching up with work and no power and gas and food. I’m not going to Regionals in Orlando because I can’t afford it. I’m really disappointed.