I found a folder I had when I was in the 7th grace. It only held my english papers into. Mrs. Manning’s class. In the sixth grade, her son spit a spitwad in my face and I punched him in the eye. I was ~5’5″ and he was already 6 foot. He picked me up and threw in a the mud. Some administrators came and gave us both in-school suspensions for 3 days. He showed up the next day with a black eye. But she ended up being a good teacher and I never heard anything from her about beating up her son.

I found a few papers in the folder with some stories that I had started but never finished. They’re hardly stories, or beginnings of ones. But I wish I could remember what I was thinking at the time and where they were going:

  “Look. Charles made the headline again,” said an old grey-haired man. “Seems ike our little firend has made another ‘soemthing’ for domination.”
   “Hmm. Wonder what it is,” said a dark brown haired middle ag man without looking up from his novel.
   “So do I. How about we go and on a little sight-seeing. I’ll go to get our toys.”
   “Okay. I get the van. Call the boys up. Tell them we’ll meet them 10 minutes.”
  The two men get out of their seats at a breakfast table and went their way. Harry Zeldan- an ex-FBI member- when to the phone and called his big brothers Frank and John.
   Carl Johnson, the middle-aged man, used to be in the military, then was given a desk job in Hawaii. He went downstairs from their apartment and into the garage and into the a white windowless van.
   Five minutes later Harry comes down carrying a black box, headphones, and cords.
  “You ready?” asks Carl smiling.
  “All set, let’s go,” replies Harry.
  They pull out of the parking garage and tear down the urban Seminole road. They arrive at a driveway 10 minutes later of a 2 story house at 131st way, where two young men come quickly out wearing all black.

I think I was reading Ender’s Game at the time I was writing this.

    “Timmy! Time to come in!” yelled a brown haired woman smiling at her son who quickly turned into his mother’s arms.
   “Whatcha want for dinner, Timmy” she asked.
    “How about some lasagna?” replied Tim with another a question.
    “Why don’t we..” she replies taking her son by the hand walking him into their car.

    “My God”
    “That’s truly amazing.”
   “And now at six years, he’s taking calculus, latin, chemistry, and AP English?â€?
    “Wow, this was taken when he was two and a half?”
   “Yup. He started walking at six months and talking at 12, and he was born premature.”
    “Did you get the mother’s medical records?”
    “Yup. Nothing really unusual except some ?????????” (I left it blank)
    “Well that didn’t really do anything did it?”
    “Nope. But I found the boy’s medical record. He is unusually short for his age, but doesn’t make a difference. Maybe the cost for being a super genius is being a dwarf.”
    “I heard he’s coming out with a computer game – STRATEGY.”
    “Hmm. You might be right. If it works, we’ll have the best force again”

    “Mr. Hughes, the president called on cancel his luncheon with you. He has to address the POT corps this afternoon.”
    “Okay thanksâ€? replied a gray haired man with lots of medals on the office wall.
    He got up from his large leather seat and went to the windows. He peered out his large window of a 10-story business office. A jet flew by in the dark dismal sky, setting a streak of smoke behind it. “Hmm, wonder what’s going to happen to day?” he asked himself going back to his table and picking up his newpaper.
    “Hmm. This looks interesting- MAN FOUND IN COFFIN, “TIGER SHOT AND KILLED.”