Are people just good to look at?

When do you are looking at someone, what are you thinking about? How hot is she/he? How cute they are? What’s his/her name? Those ______ are amazing! I bet they’re great in bed. Man, what I would do with _______.

My mom and I got some food at the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans which sold jambalaya and gumbo and was directily adjacent to one of the many bars in that terminal. Immediately after sitting down, I recognized the centers of attention:
There was a 30something sitting at her laptop busy scrolling with her headphones on. The closest man next to her had his legs propped on the seat diagonal towards her as he was finishing his third draught.

A very large breasted blonde stopped up towards the bar and drew the attention of a heavier college grad that just started sipping his girl drink across the room from her and next to me. The man that had his legs propped quickly pull them down as he had to turn around to stare at the blonde.

A petite coed with brown hair and tie-up heels completely stole the show 10 minutes later, ordering a shrimp platter asking for me more ketchup.

There was no hiding the ogling. And the girls did a good job hiding their appreciation.

About 5 minutes later, nearly everyone else left, except the girls. And in stepped a CT from the real world rocker with a guitar. And the 30 something brunette quickly closed her laptop and moved to the bar where he was a sitting. Tossing her hair, she immediately struck up a conversation. I guess it’s understandable, airport drinks would probably be more expensive and she’s probably not used to buying them anyways.

And now sits a brunette to my left facing me as I type on my powerbook as a I charge it in a quarter tv booth in gate B2, staring at me every 2 minutes.

Do girls think the same thing as guys? What the crap are you thinking about when you stare?