So much has happened since I last updated.

I’m not even going to put it all in one post. So, I’ll start with the most important.

I graduated. I’m done with my undergraduate degree. I’m going to LSU for grad school for my Masters in Music for Composition. There was one point when I thought I wasn’t going to graduate, much less get into grad school. So I know that I am very fortunate. I got accepted into USF and LSU. The change should be good.

I still can’t believe that I’m leaving Gainesville. I’m staying in town until June to play some ultimate and hang out with April, Chris and Kylee until I finally have to leave. The feeling is bittersweet. I’m glad I’m done with school, but I can’t believe I’m leaving soon. I’m taking a huge step in my life going to graduate school. And I’m afraid it’s getting more and more serious. Last summer I had so much fun. I know that this summer will be more fun, but I’m afraid the fun will end when I start school again. I know doing well in grad school is going to be of most importance.

My sisters graduated on the same day also. I walked from the music building right after my ceremony to the OConnell center just in time to hear Grace’s name called and walk. Gloria’s commencement was a little later that day.

It’s unreal that we’re all finished with school now. Dave, Grace, Gloria and I have graduated from UF and pretty much all know where we’re going. I’m going to LSU. Grace is going to Japan with UF’s International business graduate program. Gloria is going to South Carolina to work at AmeriCorps. Dave is waiting to hear from a grad program in Chicago.

My mom has been half-crying a lot lately, when we talk about our plans. She is going to see us all off. Our ideas of taking one last trip before we split up for good have been pretty much cancelled. We all have our respective places to be and a lot of preparation. So every time we get to together now, I know it will be one of the few times in a long time that that occasion will be.

I’m scared about moving away by myself. I’m scared about being away from my family and friends. It seems to be happening too fast now. I have to start getting loans, getting a car, finding a place to live in Baton Rouge, finding a temp job in July, packing all my things, and making sure I lose no ends loose. Hanging out with my friends and ultimate will hopefully keep me from falling apart. I know it’s happening, and I’m glad I haven’t been to emotional yet, but I’m sure I will be sooner or later.