Today’s my 23rd birthday and it’s probably the scariest one so far. i’m 23. i’m well past 18, and 21. the next big step is when i’m 25 and really wondering what i’m doing with my life.

i feel older than most kids in college, since i’ve been here 5 years. i can clearly identify underclassmen and try to tell myself that never acted like them.

i walked by my freshmen dorm this morning on the way to frisbee. i don’t think i’ve walked by there in 2 years.i imagined climbing the stairs up to the fourth floor of weaver. it seemed that everyday someone would drop a cup of coffee from the top of the stairs to the bottom- there would always be a huge mess around 10:30.

weaver beach is more level now; mudfest seemed to always alter the terrain. i walked down the sidewalk toward the tennis and stopped to look at a sign that marked the plants and vegetation in the area, a sign that i always seemed to pass by every single my freshmen year and never read.

i’m getting old and i’m almost done with my degree. with luck, i’ll be in school for a lot longer, but moving away will not be easy.