<p>finally, my last semester here at UF. i can&#8217;t say that i&#8217;m not looking forward to  graduating, but leaving gainesville is sort of scary. i&#8217;ve been living with my siblings my entire time at college, which in actuality is not far from living at home. the endless liberty seems very scary.</p>

<p>i&#8217;m taking 10 credits and my mother is scared that i&#8217;ll be somehow pull be drafted into the war, and have my life wasted for the war on terrorism. i voted kerry- i should be exempt. i am taking frisbee class again this semester. finishing my undergrad career with the thing that&#8217;s made everything bearable. </p>

<p>i went to atlantic thursday and it was probably the hottest it&#8217;s ever been. it seems to get hotter and hotter everytime i go. i think it was especially hot since it&#8217;s the beginning of the semester and everyone was there.</p>

<p>i&#8217;ve been writing a suite for Soprano voice, marimba, and cello based off poems by Percy Shelley. <i>Mutability, Love&#8217;s Philosphy, Song of Proserpine,</i> and <i>Music, when soft voices die</i>. hopefully, it&#8217;ll they&#8217;ll add about 15-20 minutes to my recital in march. </p>