<p>last night was an odd night. i usually don&#8217;t go out and hang out with my friends late when i&#8217;m back at home. but it was ashley&#8217;s birthday so we met at &#8216;coasters&#8217; on indian rocks beach. it was really weird seeing a lot of people i hadn&#8217;t seen in a long time; people i hadn&#8217;t seen in 5 years. </p>

<p>prior to that i went to chili&#8217;s with mary, kelly, julie and julie. everyone one of them had something to say about their past failed relationships. each of us were all in our unique situation but pretty much feeling the same way. </p>

<p>at coasters, i was immediately greeted by allison, probably the only person i know from my graduating class that has become successful straight out of college. she lives in new york city and is an intertior designer (different from decorator). she looks great and says she&#8217;s making more money than she needs. </p>

<p>i found the birthday girl sitting in the back corner poring over her hand of cards with her half-glazed stare from the 4 empty cups of beers in front of her. at the table sit ashley, mandy, erin mckeithen, joel berman, squeaky-thin girl, and what&#8217;s-his-face. </p>

<p>her old roommate/sorority big-sister, mandy, told me to sit down and finish the &#8216;7 seconds&#8217; of drinking she was just dealt. the game was &#8216;crazy eights&#8217; and with her cards she was to drink the rest of the game. before her boyfriend comes back, strangers from the past, that i had probably spoken 10 words to 5 years ago, came by say hi. </p>

<p>alex whitlow, chris szydlowski, craig campbell, adam kolanko, kyle christman, cute nose-ring girl were a few that i recognized. it was like being back in high school and everyone had gained weight. </p>

<p>before the night was over, ashley grabbed by crotch, paul kissed me on the cheek, and a total stranger put his arm around me and tried to tell me it was &#8216;okay to use 
[the n-word] when they weren&#8217;t around&#8217;. </p> <p>it was a refreshing and awkward night. then my car was towed. kelly and mary took me to a place by the VA hospital to pay over a hundred dollars. on the way there, i recounted the times mary, kelly, and i made videos and studies for ridiculous AP tests. the more akward times, i didn&#8217;t have the heart to bring up. </p> <p>it was a freezing last night. and now that i don&#8217;t live in seminole, it&#8217;s weird seeing semi-familiar faces in a semi-familiar town, and with everything moving towards graduation, most of the stuff (the unfamiliar people and places) doesn&#8217;t matter very much. </p>