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<p>in the restroom in the music building, an asian phd comp student with an english accent started talking to me and asked me whether or not i was a graduate student. he told me he was impressed. </p>

<p>that made my day. </p>


<p>i was sitting in broward dining, trying to figure out if i like London Panini or not when a tall, long brown-haired guy with size 4 plugs in his ears came up to me:</p>

<p>him: aren&#8217;t you nick?<br />

me: what? (not quite sure he was talking to me, with panini in my mouth)
him: aren’t you nick?
me: yeah, that’s me (puzzled how he would know my name)
him: i was at the concert the other night
me: ooh! yeah, hi.
him: i wanted to tell you, by far, your piece was the best one.
me: oh really?
him: yeah, by far.

<p>that really makes me feel good.</p>