<p>playing pickup last night at flavet, i told someone that i probably wouldn&#8217;t go up against someone if the disc is swilly in a jump-ball situation, for the sake of preventing injury. he was quick to tell me i was a panzy for not playing hard. </p>

<p>&#8216;i&#8217;m on the hand-ball club and he plays hard in everything; every sport. you club people are stupid.&#8217; </p>

<p>yeah, he&#8217;s right, i like having someone who can&#8217;t control their body slamming into me or taking me out in the air or rolling over my ankle again. </p>

<p>but anyways, i don&#8217;t know what&#8217;s wrong with me, but i&#8217;m injuried. my knees is messed up. i went running during thanksgiving break, and the following day, i couln&#8217;t bend my knees without a really tight pulling pain right above my knees. i couldn&#8217;t walk normally until yesterday. </p>

<p>playing pickup yesterday wasn&#8217;t comfortable, i couldn&#8217;t cut without feeling pain in my left knee. i&#8217;m scared it&#8217;s a tendon/ligament or cartilige problem. </p>