<p>i get free subcriptions to magazines through <a href="http://slickdeals.net">slickdeals</a>. and i got my second issue of RAZOR magazine today. it&#8217;s a guy&#8217;s magazine, i guess, supposedly for &#8220;style &#38; substance&#8221;. i just read the ubiquitous section where they ask a bunch of women questions and they rate things by percentages. </p>

<p>#11: He should never order a salad when I&#8217;ve ordered a burger. <br />

65% Agree
35% Diagree

<p><i>&#8220;He understands nothing about women if he doesn&#8217;t know this.&#8221;</i> Debra, 24<sup><a href="#fn1">1</a></sup></p>

<p><i>&#8220;At least salad keeps them regular.&#8221;</i> Sandy, 30<sup><a href="#fn2">2</a></sup></p>

<p><i>&#8220;I guess I&#8217;m old-fashsioned, but a guy picking at salad is not very masculine.&#8221;</i> Bev, 29<sup><a href="#fn3">3</a></sup></p>

<p>my response:</p>

<p id="fn1"><sup>1</sup> i really don&#8217;t understand that. she&#8217;s obviously trying to say, &#8216;<i>the guy is making me look like a pig. and unlike the guy, i really don&#8217;t care about my personal health. guys should be more sensitive to how women see themselves, especially with how other people eat.</i>&#8217; but i don&#8217;t like the rationale behind it. eat what you want and not what you&#8217;re neighbor&#8217;s eating. you&#8217;re probably fat anyways. mehahaha.</p>

<p id="fn2"><sup>2</sup> i know a lot of girls who, in joking of course, claim that girls don&#8217;t poop or fart. but i&#8217;ve heard it a million times. maybe i&#8217;ll start to believe it. at least sandy tried to make a joke ot if. if someone is overly sensitive about eating a burger, and upset their neighbor chose the salad, they&#8217;ll probably end up puking it anyways. &#8216;at the the salad will leave my body naturally.&#8217;</p>

<p id="fn3"><sup>3</sup> masculine. schmaschuline. two questions before, 93% of the girls said it was okay for a guy to get a fascial. what the crap is masculine anyways? am i masculine? i don&#8217;t know if i&#8217;m just a little more progressive thinking than this magazine (that has ads for mens facial and hair products and posh clothing but calls)someone who eats a salad not masculine. </p>

<p>i going to asking random people this week what they think is masculine and have a series of pictures and have them ranking from most masculine to least masculine and find out that the hell it really means. gender roles, gender identity, etc. i&#8217;m going to get to bottom of this. </p>