<p>during the summer, i would go out all the time. especially to UC and Atlantic on mondays and thursdays. and i realized that i haven&#8217;t been out since the first two weeks of school. i&#8217;ve been completely busy with other crap. i always considered going there different than going to a normal club, like sky or the loft. </p>

<p>i was a taking to <a href="http://dave.spacing-guild.net/gallery/ufuctfinley/russ">russell</a> home after practice the other night and he was comparing getting a motorcycle to getting with &#8220;the bad girl&#8221;- getting a motorcycle would be something that felt good getting it or using it but doesn&#8217;t really make you happy. </p>

<p>and it made me think about &#8220;bad girls/boys&#8221; and what makes them so appealing. of course, not everyone goes for that type of person, but </p>