went to the Wolfpack invitational, in north carolina, where we held seed at 4th place. we lost in the semifinals that took us out of contention for champions the home team and perrenial powerhouse: NC state. 13-12.

with the game tied, after down being 11-8, NC state, being pinned in the back of their endzone, with 19 Ufucters screaming ‘callahan’ at the top of their lungs, threw up a prayer huck down field. the ever present rook batted it down, but against our luck a woldpack player laid-out for the lame frisbee catching it in the endzone for the score and win.

the entire tournament didn’t go to waste. we went 5-2 overall.

jon windham dislocated his shoulder and went to the hospital. he’s going to be out for a couple weeks. i hurt my ankle again after someone laid-out in my body after i made a catch for a score, where his torso rolled over my legs. my ankle was so taped up on the second day, i looked like an offensive lineman. i lost my voice from screaming. and i have nice size knot on the back of my head from the NC state guy tackling me and apparently leading with his fist or elbow.

overall it was a good tournament, the weather was amazing. it was a lot of fun. the party was a kinda dumb. with only the nc state girls dancing, and the jojah girls leaving at 11.