[there’s never any good transitions with my dreams, as i think it is with most people. hence “fuzz”. i hadn’t had a dream in a while, and i think finally sleeping in my old bed helped trigger it. i woke up in diagonal on the bed, so i must have moved around a lot.]

i was in a big city. out on the street. and apparently there was an air strike happening, or people were chasing us down (us being a group of people + me). a house along the street lets us all in [it could have been a church too. it huge white doors with a lot of indistinct colors on them], there must have been about 50 of us. there’s a huge carpeted room and this blonde chick wanted to play basketball, and i got to make this preposterous rule, that 3’s would double my score, as 3’s wouldtriple hers.


all of a sudden, guys dressed in black, yelling and screaming, with guns round us up and then start shooting us. i manage to find a small room that had to exits, and eventually, the surround me. i’m shot in the chest but manage to run away. as i’m running, a round of bullets hit the door i’m using and spell out SYMPHETHIC TRAP, with which i come to the realization, the people that let us in were actually setting us to be caught and shot.


i’m in a hotel in the same city, a couple blocks away. the upper 1/3 of the hotel was a hotel, middle third was a science experiment building, bottom third was the rest of the hotel.

[there’s nothin scarier, apparently to me, than hotels. i always have dreams of hotels. the doors being all shut and me running to the elevator, hoping the doors will open as soon i come up to it, so i don’t have to wait in the hall, empty.]

i know i have to wrap a hannankah present for mrs. kirschbaum and leave it in the temple somewhere. incedentally, the temple is next door the house/church that 50 other people died the next before. i walk inside, turn to my right, passed a dull purplish-gray curtain to a low lit room with 1 table with no chairs around. a magazine is sitting on the table. and i guess that was i was supposed to wrap the gift with.

[dave and i usually wrapping presents in newpaper, and regularly cut out words and picstures out of magazines to spell out junk.]

flipping through the paper, i notice a lot of stuff had been cut out already. an old woman with white hair sits down. i noticed she left the curtained-off room as i came in. she was probably using the magazine before hand. the old woman told me it was no problem that i was using her magazine.

3 other girls sit down opposite to me at the table. each dressing differently and with their own accents. the girl closest to me was the st. pauli girl, with the thickest accent.

i don’t remember what they said, but i left. and i do remember eventually wrapping the gift with paper towels, but i never taped it down.

i leave the temple.


i’m back in the science part of the hotel. standing on the balcony. outside, i see a huge ditch overgrown with grass. an a guy with 4 huge shark-like lizards with 4 legs on leashes.

[this entire time, i was assuming the raids and attacks were done by osama bin laden. and the shark-like creatures were experimental humans that could breathe underwater, escaping anthrax.]

the guys stops at the ditch. a blue alligator crawls out of the ditch and gets completely tore up by the huge lizards. torn to shreds. a woman comes out to yelling at the guy.
“do u have a permit for this?? what kind of animal is this????”

i come back inside the building, resolved to find the department that does this human experiments. i found a fenced off area on a floor with a sign that said “anoocid”. and a little symbol that kind looked like this:

| o |i

convinced i found something bad, i tried to leave the building. i found myself running through a place where everyeone was a grinding solids to dust. i ran into a guy that was grinding something with silicon. dust flew everywhere. everyon breathed it in. 2 guy who were around me, ran toward another grinding machine and took a wasabe colored solid and ground it. i followed. took the ground solid held it to my nostril and breathed it in.

i walked in the elevator.


i’m in the elevator and my mom’s cell phone rings. on the guy on the line. “there’s been a corpse found in the hotel. ernest graham swears there was a brawl in his room and killed him in self defense. but i’m convinced there is another killer in the hotel. watch out.”

elevator doors opens.

everyone is dressed in black. like for a furneral, and i thought it would be for the dead guy ernest graham killed. but all of a sudden, i’m shot with the fear that the killer is still in the hotel, so i’m madly pushing the buttons to try to get out.

i got to floor 3. a guy pops out from around the corner. really pale and blonde hair. points his hotel key at me like a gun…

Nick, wake up, it’s time for church.