With the rise of laptop orchestras, digital instruments, and human-interface-controlled music, the want for 1. obvious and demonstrative user-control devices and 2. an intuitive connection between performer and sound, 3. a visual stimulant for the audience’s sake,  has emerged.

As digital instruments become more complex in their sonic capabilities and musical expression, the means to control them expectantly become more complex. But as the performers, physically, step away from the computer, the ability to control these expanding capabilities drastically decreases. The demand for expressively robust instruments and sounds, at this time, do not have appropriately matched means to precisely control them while maintaining a level of intuition between the performer and resultant sound.

Does there need to even be such a strong correlation to with the visual physicality of performers?

A discussion of Human Computer Interactions in relation to real-time electroacoustic music performance will continue with the category Human Interaction. And I will hopefully bring some interesting and debatable topics to the table.