little room for clothes

Three of us, Jeff Albert, J Corey Knoll and I (going by the trio ‘The Three Computeers’) are going to perform at the International Society of Improvised Music conference at the University of Michigan.
This year has been a blessing in terms of exploring and building on musical experiences outside of just writing music (pencil to paper). I’m exciting to be performing the digital instrument my colleagues and I have been working on for almost two years.

I’m in the air, flying to Detroit. Delta has teamed with Google to allow free wi-fi with Google Chrome Users. We should be touching-down in half an hour.

It’s cold!! It’s 28 degrees out.

We walked around campus for a little bit and listened to some groups rehearsing for tomorrow. My sister, who lives in DC is in town to see my performance ( and visit her bf, who goes to Michigan).

Friday – 2:04pm
We just back back from lunch at Zingerman’s after out performance. The performance went well, with a few surprises and excitements. Lunch was delicious.

As I am now waiting for a Texas State Ensemble to perform, it seems like attendance for the conference overall is thin.

It’s snowing a little. And it’s pretty cold now. We’re listening to a talk on Jin Hi’s and Pauline Oliveros’ works which both use the moon Io as subjects of feminine energy in improvised musical pieces.

We saw two ensembles perform tonight. Both were good and much to the conventional idea of improvisational groups.

Sunday – 1pm
After an interesting talk on electroacoustic history of improvised music, Jeff, Corey and I worked on our paper on GUA, our digital instrument.