Latex Post

I’m sitting in a 15-seat van on the way to Denton, Texas for Electric Latex, an electroacoustic festival held in the South. It’s an eight hour drive. We’re on hour 6. My electroacoustic professor and 7 composers. At any given time, there are 3 powerbooks/macbook pro’s being used. One is learning to program in java, one notating music, and I writing a blog post.

Yesterday I spent a hundred dollars at Kinkos making copies of my music for my portfolio. It makes me anxious wondering where I will be in a year. That the hundred dollars I just spent will probably be good enough to get me into a good doctoral program.

I told my sister last night that I felt I had finally begun to digest the things that I have learned here at LSU, Baton Rouge, and the people I’ve met here. I am a different person than when I arrived. I feel like a different person from 5 months ago. My transition into Baton Rouge was pretty smooth, will my next move be as easy?

Thanksgiving is coming up and I wonder what I will be doing. 2 years ago, I had a turkey sandwich and fell asleep in my living room (on my futon – my bed at the time). Last year, I went home for Thanksgiving. This year, I’m not sure.