I spend almost every night at a local coffeeshop just north of campus. I first went there the first day of class as most of the new masters students went to get to know each other. I noticed the number of cute girls and mac users and figured it would be a good place to do work. It gives me a chance to get out and concentrate (somewhat). In my apartment, I have a TV and ridiculously comfortable memory foam, so I really can’t do work there. With the soft classical music and moderate-to-cute girls that come in every 15 minutes, it’s a constantly improving environment.

Though I’ve been ordering the same thing for months, the workers here don’t really remember what I want. A soy mocha with double dark espresso- for here. Or a mango Tazo. I only drink coffee in the evening. It’s interesting to see the different people that show up here and it’s nice to see the number of School of Muisc people come here (the only people that I recognize)- the coffee shop is about 100 yards from the SOM. They play classical music during the day. And at night they play some good stuff as they close. Like now – they’re playing CocoRosie.

My dance night, Dance Fever, has not exactly taken off yet. I’ve done it twice, the debut being far more successful than the followup, partially due to midterms. My main motivation for starting a dance night like that was part nostalgia and trying to find the ‘cool’ people in Baton Rouge. I can’t say that I’ve been successful on either half. I can’t bring the fun times I had at UC to Baton Rouge (people dance differently here) and I’m not entirely happy with the company I keep right now.

I’ve been thinking that I haven’t been hanging out with people closer to my age, and that graduates students are the ‘people with substance’ (or people with the same mindset) that I need in my life. In a small web of connections at a huge block party this weekend, I met a pretty nice creative writing grad that was throwing a party last night. And it just so happened that she lived right above a friend of mine. Her opinion was that it would be a great oppurtunity to meet some like-minded grads. I thought it was good idea. Showing up around 12, I saw my friends sitting outside their apartment. I told them I was checking out the party above.
I walked in.
Looked for the girl I had spoken to the night before.
Couldn’t find her.
Caught a couple if awkward glances.
Noticed that they were slow dancing to Oasis’s Wonderwall and left.
Maybe it’s the petty things I feel are weird that keep from meeting ‘people of substance’. Hopefully I’ll surive.