<p>i saw <i>supersize me</i> the other night. </p>

<p>there was a section in there, where a person was saying it&#8217;s okay nowadays to hector smokers, with all the obvious health risks. and poses the question, why not hector unhealthy eaters. the risks are just as detrimental, and there are far more people overweight and at more immediate risk of health problems other than black lung and cancer. </p>

<p>but i guess i really don&#8217;t know how it feels. to be large. and sometimes i don&#8217;t believe that some people just <em>have</em> to eat more. maybe i&#8217;m being insensitive. </p>

<p>after writing that sentence, i was wondering if i i would ever say anything to someone about their eating habit. i know i&#8217;ve talk to someone close about their bulimia, so why not the opposite? everyone is more concerned about mary-kate or ashley, when the other extreme isn&#8217;t really addressed in pop-culture. so would i tell a close friend i was concerned about their eating habits? yes. have i? yes, because they asked me to watch out for them. how was i received? poorly.</p>

<p>but really, as a member of society, do i have a stake in the eating habits of my fellow man? and how actively should i participate?</p>

<p>the state that we&#8217;re in: famous, beautiful people are thin and healthy. most people are not. most people are fat and ugly. on a graph of thin to fat, it&#8217;s a big triangle of more fat than thin, and everyone wants to be in the skinny end (literally). </p>