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double dragon

I played Double Dragon 2 for the first time yesterday on my mac. I can not believe how hard it was. I was literally stuck on one section, where I had to jump a string of disappearing platforms, for an hour. One hour. I don't know how anyone could have done it on the classic [...]

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I've been in Chicago a couple days now. It's Spring Break and I have a sore throat. My sisters flew in yesterday and they cleaned my brother's apartment. So far we've seen the Chicago Symphony Art Institute of Chicago, Ikea, and several Chinatown restaurants. So far the weather has been pretty moderate. Not cold or [...]

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Applebaum, Valentines

Dr. Beck is the first person to laugh out loud. The middle person is Mark Applebaum, genius composer. The clicking noise is my neighbor moving around in her seat and unrelated to the non-music. We played ultimaterockpaperscissors while listening to Dufay's Missa Se la face ay pale. Valentine's Day pictures

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End of the semester

I'm back in Florida. I haven't been back in 4 months. Gloria came back last night- she's the last one to come back. It's been really weird living without my siblings. I did pretty well this semester and I'm really glad to be back home. I've been completely relaxing, playing video games, seeing my grandparents. [...]

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