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Just Imagine:

Just Imagine:
The idea for my next piece for the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana is one based off several ideas: pseudo-improvisation, live sampling and manipulation, sound discovery, and sonic environments; and draws from a few interests of mine outside of ‘music composition’.

My very first thought was simply to create a multi-sampler that would be used in a piece that was an on-the-fly Dance/House piece. Where members of the ensemble would have objects and instruments in front of them, to sample and manipulate. And over the course 5-6 minutes a strongly pulsed live club mix would emerge. [That’s the […]


I had a crazy dream last night and I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint parts in my recent life from where they came and blame it on having 2 cups of coffee and a tea yesterday. If anything, it serves for people who don’t know me well personally, to explain myself anecdotally.

The dream:
I was at a convention in Paris. I was supposed to meet my brother, but I woke up late and was driving quickly to the convention […]

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